Blogger Outreach Program: Best Practices and How To Tips

In the world of internet, markets are no longer confined to specific boundaries. Customers can no longer be lured by only ads and banners oriented marketing strategies. Marketing has been shifted to talking the customers into your product values. The main agents of this brand of marketing aren’t well established glamorous rich advertisement agencies, but the mouths customers listen to, the opinions they value, and the head coaches they can argue with. Yes, these brands of marketers are the bloggers with an audience following and blogger outreach program is the way that will help you build deep relationships with these bloggers!

What is Blogger Outreach Program?

Imagine you are on the marketing team in some cosmetic industry, and are tasked to reach out to maximum customers via social marketing. What you do, you go for the top marketing plans! And here, you get to know customers trust the bloggers more than advertising. Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey 2009 has given his verdict on the assumption. You are curious to reach the bloggers and get them to take your product to their readers, and the Blogger outreach program is the name given to this curiosity!

Blogger outreach program is a symbiotic relation between two bloggers or a blogger and marketer, with emphasis on building on the relationship to give and get something. For targeting maximum audience, blogger outreach program multiplies the force by building relations with maximum bloggers.

How to do blogger outreach:

Is blogger outreaching an effective marketing strategy? Yes it is! Grab your keyboard, find bloggers with maximum followers and email them, “Hey, I need a favor, promote my product!” Will he do it, No he won’t!

Blogger outreaching has its own Standard Operating Procedures (SPOs), you do not email some random blogger. You do not ask simply to help you promote your product. You find the right blogger, then you build a trust and respect relationship!

Bloggers share their own community, those with a large follower base have close relations with their audience. Readers respect their views and often, the blogs influences their decisions. A survey carried by Technoritri has concluded that some 81% viewers trust the information and figures given by bloggers and as far as 61% have made purchases on their bloggers recommendation! This is a vast market, and it is in dire need of maximum utilization.

Research bloggers with an audience of product’s interest!

Use blog outreach tools to find bloggers with followers that share your interest. You are selling a software product, go for bloggers blogging on computer and software trends. You will find the right audience.

Few bloggers with maximum following or many with few followers!

Influential bloggers with maximum followers demand maximum effort to get into work relations, Keep a balance of investing energy on bloggers in accordance to their audience-ship. Mathematics principle! Keep the equation balanced!

Build relations on grounds of respect!

It demands patience. With list of supposed bloggers on hand, view their blogs, and compliment them occasionally. Search for the blogger on LinkedIn or some other social networking site. This is how relations are built. Do not jump directly into business, build some trust first, and then give the blogger a hint of your product!

Give something, get something!

There is nothing like free rides! You have to make a reasonably good offer to hire someone’s services. This is how business works in the real world. No, it is not bribery, it is simply trade in a more classical language. Offers may be an elegant household gift or some good content for blog!

Ask for a review and keep the relations alive:

If the deal has been made, ask the blogger for reviews from the customers. This is how you get maximum customers, amplify your sale, and yes, receive an honest feedback to make your product better than good. Keep in touch with bloggers for future deals.

Blogger outreach best practices:

Effective blog outreaching stems from a mutual benefit system. A blogger needs quality content for his blogging and his thirst for more and more audience doesn’t quench. At the same time, a marketer requires maximum exposure for his product. You can provide the blogger with good contents and ideas, retweet him occasionally, and mention him on your website. In turn, ask him to recommend your product to his audience or mention your product in an indirect manner. An indirect approach is often more effective in terms of response.

Make good use of available prospective tools to find the rightly matched bloggers for your cause. BuzzSumo, Inkybee, Traackr are some of the very effective tools to find influential bloggers. Building relations from there is dependent on your own charm and approach.

Blog outreaching is one of the leading marketing strategies in internet oriented marketing. Shoving TV ads down the throat of customers is losing its charm and is a very expensive practice. Blogs outreach practice can dramatically increase your product sale, all you need is follow an effective calculated strategy to earn the trust of many bloggers, because a blogger’s relation with their viewers is more than just a reader, writer relationship, it is personal in nature.