10 Best Tips to Reach Out to Bloggers

The internet is a big marketing medium today when it comes to pitching your products. Blogs play a crucial role here and if you are looking for exposure for your site, genuine posts from active bloggers would be really handy. Organic rankings are vital to achieve a top rank for your site online and if you can garner a healthy flow of inbound links heading straight to your website from popular blogs- half of your work is done. But for that, you have to be aware of the right strategies to reach out to bloggers and make them pitch about your service. It could be for reviews for your new book or an inspiring pitch for your services. The post below offers insights on 10 great tips to reach out to bloggers.


  1. Create your blogger list


Every blog out there won’t be suitable for your pitch. You have to find out the most pertinent and high ranking blogs that command a stellar viewership. Search online for blogs that cater to your industry and make a list. A lot of blogs carry blogrolls that enlist links to the other relevant blogs. This way, one can easily  make a list of blogs and build your blogger outreach program. Then, you must check the ranking of blogs to understand their popularity online.


  1. Go through the blogs thoroughly


Once you have created the list, it’s time to study the blogs thoroughly. Read their previous posts, understand their tone of language and try to fathom the overall ambience of the blog and the bloggers’ interests. You can opt for their RSS feeds and email newsletters to stay updated on latest happenings of your listed blogs.


  1. Contact them early


Though often overlooked yet it is one of the most important tips to mind here. People won’t post for you just like that unless they are familiar with you. Thus, you have to establish communication with them and that too before you are directly into sale. So, once you have decided on your bloggers, start following and communicating with them to establish a rapport.


  • You can follow them on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter
  • Post thoughtful comments on the posts
  • Set Google Alerts & comment on the related articles


Don’t sound needy from day 1 and show genuine interest in the bloggers’ works and they too would start to care for you.


  1. Build up a personal bonding


The more a person is familiar to another, more likely it is for the former to pitch for the latter. The same strategy goes in your case. You have to build up a personal bonding with your bloggers so that they too get interested to know more and write about you. Go for constructive live chats over Facebook, retweet their tweets if you find them really informative and if possible meet the bloggers personally.


  1. Personalized outreach is important


When you are sending mails to bloggers to pitch about your project, make sure to follow a personalized tone for all the bloggers. Link your pitch with a past post of the blog so that the blogger can feel a connection with your mail request. Also, you must use the same tone of language used by the blogger in his posts to make the environment more familiar to him or her.


  1. Personalized subject line


If you are looking to make the blogger genuinely interested in your mail, you must follow a personalized subject line for your mail- where you will mention the link of your story to a previous work of the blogger.


  1. Be short, simple & to the point


Your bloggers are busy people and they have no time to waste on prolonged mails. Thus, the trick here is to send a synoptic view of your story which should be short, simple and right to the point. Make 2-3 small paragraphs and mention the story link right at the beginning. Do not divulge all the details of your work in one mail. If they are actually interested, they will reply to your mail & then you can divulge all the details.


  1. Ask right questions


Ask constructive questions so that you can have a hang of the approach of the bloggers which will help you to shape your expectations the right way. Ask them whether you can check back within 2-3 weeks or what to do with negative reviews and stuff like that.


  1. Don’t be pushy


Be politely persistent and never be pushy with your bloggers.


  1. Ask for next blogging idea


Once the bloggers have pitched for you, don’t leave them right away. You should keep on following them on their blogs and social networking sites. Ask them about their next blogging ideas. Your bloggers have feelings too and don’t make them feel that all your outreach for weeks was simply for your one book review.

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